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Carroggio, S.A. de Ediciones is a family business founded in Barcelona in 1911 by Fernando Carroggio Muntadas. The company is now present on both the Spanish and international scenes.

Within the publishing field, Carroggio stands out for its publication of extensive reference works, including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, works dealing with history and art, and, in recent years, multimedia projects.

One of our main contributions has been our method of direct sales on credit.. Carroggio was a pioneer in this system, which allows families to enjoy high-quality works with an accessible pricing plan. In this way, our company has contributed to the educational and cultural level of our country.

The company is currently run by the third generation, who strives to maintain the values of the founders of the company. Since the founding of the company, we have published over 2,000 titles and won over 200 local and international publishing awards. In addition, for over 40 years we have been the publishers for the Spanish-speaking world of the works of "Editions d´Art d'Albert Skira", a Swiss publishing house which specialises in art works of unequalled quality.

Other milestones in the European and Latin American cultural world include the founding of DURVAN, the leading publisher of Spanish-language encyclopaedias and dictionaries, as well as the Compañía Internacional Editora, S.A (CIESA), which is devoted to large thematic works.

Carroggio current activities can be summed up as the publication and sale of large works, gift publications for institutions, multimedia works, continued education through the internet, co-publications for the press and catalogues for museums and exhibitions


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