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Carroggio Art Selection

Spanish Painting, 3 volumes. Ed.2001
French Painting, 3 volumes
Russian Painting, 2 volumes
Gallery of Artists, 3 volumes
The History of an Art, 5 volumes
Sculpture, 2 volumes
Catalan Painting, 4 volumes
History of Art, 8 volumes
The Impressionists and The Creators of Modern Painting , 8 volumes
Painting Dictionary, 2 volumes
Marine Paints, 1 volume
Still life Paints, 1 volume
Theportrait, 1 volume
Italian painting, 3 volumes

Specialized Works Selection

History of Spain, 6 volumes
Natural History, 6 volumes
Around the World, 10 volumes
World History, 9 volumes
Seniors, A Practical Guide, 8 volumes
The Heritage of the 20th Century, 2 volumes
A practical Guide to Leisure, 2 volumes
A Practical Guide to Health, 2 volumes
A Practical Guide to the Home, 2 volumes
The great encyclopedia of the sea

Illustrated Books Selection

Charles V and his Time, 1 volume
Alfonso X and his Time, 1 volume
Photographing Mathematics, 1 volume
Minerals of Spain, 1 volume
The Big Book of the Liceo, 1 volume and 24 cds
Panorama of the 20th Century, 1 volume
The Cookbook, 1 volume
Salvador Dalí his life, his works , 1 volume
Gaudí, 1 volume
Libraries of the world, 1 volume
Gardens of de World
Carlos III and his time. The Enlightened Monarchy
The Gold Book about Wine in Spain, 1 volume
Unforgettable Moments of the Cinema
The Ingeniuos Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (Limited comemorate Edicion)
Picasso, his life, his works , 1 volume



Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias Selection

Magna Universal Encyclopaedia, 40 volumes and 1 CD-Rom Ed.2002
Thematic Encyclopaedia of the 20th Century, 11 volumes. Ed.2005
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of the 20th Century, 6 volumes and 1 CD-Rom.Ed.2003
Carroggio Dictionary of the Spanish Language, 3 volumes
Durvan Multimedia Enciclopedia
Great Encyclopaedia of the Sea, 12 volumes
Multilingual dictionary, 1 volume

Educational Selection

Docta, Carroggio's Educational Guide, 10 volumes.Ed.2001
Be Parents Today, 5 volumes
Docta Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 6 volumes and 1 CD-Rom.Ed.2001
World Atlas and Atlas of Spain, 1 volume

Literature Selection

Don Quixote of La Mancha, 2 volumes
Great Authors Collection, 15 volumes
Detective Fiction Collection, 12 volumes
Youth Collection, 10 volumes
Contemporary Collection, 15 volumes
Great Humorists Collection, 10 volumes
Carroggio Classics, 20 volumes
Very Royal Anecdotes, 1 volume

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