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Our ample experience in publishing art books permits us to offer museums and art galleries the possibility of co-publishing exhibition catalogues, guides, and any other project requiring the high level of quality expected from this type of publication.

    Joan Miró, Apunts d'una col.lecció
A review of Miro's pictorial development through the paintings from the Gallery K. AG at the Joan Miró Foundation.

Catalan, Spanish, French and English

    Guide for the Miró Foundation
This guide, the document which the Miró Foundation uses to introduce itself to the world, is a precise, thorough and rigorous account of the life and work of this groundbreaking artist. Through an analysis of the artist's central concepts, this publication allows the reader to appreciate and understand Miro's art more clearly and permits us to enjoy his creations in all their depth.

Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Deutsch and Japanese

    Robert and Sonia Delaunay
This catalogue, produced for Barcelona's Picasso museum, provides a complete biography of the artists and an extensive sample of their work, including paintings, cloth designs, and sketches, as well as studies on their concept of art. The great variety of photographs and the rigorous content make this the most thorough work dedicated to this unique pair of artists.

Spanish and Catalan

    El Greco
An exhaustive compilation of the work of El Greco, accompanied by a thorough collection of biographical and analytical studies on this artistic genius. Produced for the Thyssen Bornemisza museum, this work clearly shows the various transformations that El Greco's work underwent in his constant search for his artistic identity.

    Lorenzo Tiepolo
This catalogue shows the extensive work of this Italian painter, in addition to a look at his life. It includes the oils pastels, drawings and engravings that made Lorenzo Tiepolo one of the greatest artists of the 18th century. This publication accompanied the exhibition dedicated to the artist at Madrid's Prado Museum.
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